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The Ungreening of Our Minds, Cities, and Regions

The courses and research studies of Dr. Laura Musacchio emphasize the coupled process between the ungreening and regreening of cities and regions across scales. A central theme is understanding the systemic relationships involved in complex place-based problems that influence human well-being, environmental security, and ecosystem services. She is especially interested in how non-local phenomena such as globalization and urbanization have changed people's contact and appreciation of nature in American cities and countryside. Her courses and research get at the roots about why contemporary cultures like the United States still cannot think green; despite the major technological advances of the twentieth and twenty-first century.



The Regreening of Our Minds, Cities, and Regions

For Dr. Musacchio, the beginning point to regreen cities and bioregions is to understand how urbanization, localization, and globalization influence people’s appreciation and contact with nature in urban, suburban, periurban, and rural environments. Her courses and research studies explore why understanding and changing people-plant interactions are the key stepping stones for improving human well-being, environmental security, and ecosystem services. Using the lenses of sustainability science and sustainable design, she explores how the ecology and culture of regreening cities and bioregions can help with the process of recoupling human-nature relationships, which could help reduce the psychological and physiological stresses of living in densely populated cities and metropolitan regions.